iOS App Startup Glitch lanthanum-leopard


I just upgraded from indium-iguana (1.0.0-beta.11) to lanthanum-leopard (1.0.0-beta.13) and noticed a mild visual glitch on startup of the iOS app. The screen blinks black for a split second when going from the splash screen to the first view of the app. I swapped out the ionic.css to the old indium-iguana version and it corrected the problem. Does anyone know what might be causing the glitch in lanthanum-leopard ionic.css version? Thanks.

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I’ve noticed this too but it I was only seeing it in chrome on my desktop. I would probably have the same problem on device but I hide the splash screen in my run().

Never mind It is happening sometimes on android after I clear the ram or let my phone sit for a while. I also just tested on an iphone 4s and it is flashing black sometimes. But you see it less on iphones because it looks like they are doing some hacks by saving a picture of the app when you close it then flashing that then the splash then the splash hides to my app.