iOS app hang on twitter share sheet

Hi, quick question - has anyone else seen the following scenario -

Be on iOS 9, jailbroken, using xcode sideloading to install the app on your phone.

You have a textarea in your ionic iOS app, you fill some text in it, you select the text and click share from the copy/paste menu. Then you select twitter from the dialog and that opens the twitter share sheet. Then, you cancel the twitter share sheet.

When you come back to the iOS app from that twitter popup, everything in non-responsive. If you close the app and come back, it starts working fine.

I can share screenshots, but not code yet, as I’d have to clean up a lot.

If anyone has seen something similar, could you point out what the fix is? Maybe I’m missing the ngCordova social share plugin or maybe I need to write some code to handle the copy/paste dialog in the app?

Just fishing for clues right now.

Also, I love iOS 9 sideloading, how awesome is that for ionic! We can share real code with each other and have it run on our actual devices! :smile: