IOS 9 breaks everything

We have full app developed release to beta testing and now nothing works, blank screen!

Ran in Xcode it is reporting, “Failed to load webpage with error: The request timed out.”.

Any fixes?

(IONIC-> reliable fixes I mean, this is how new frameworks get shafted by start-ups)

Why blame a framework for your developers mistakes? A poor craftsman always blames his tools…

What have you tried to fix it? Post simplified code that reproduces the issue?

Have you been through this? There’s a few changes you need to make for iOS9

thanks tomwasd, helpful link.

    A_Burgess, Ionic is not without bugs, we have been developing apps since Nokia 'Symbian' days, we know a thing or two about promises made and not kept, Reminds you of JQuery mobile (if you have done any development on it). We choose ionic only for prototypes, now consolidating full app. however the bespoke nature of Ionic is less reliable, at least for now for serious contenders.