iOS 9.2 cordova-plugin-media no sound [fix on the way]

I actually wrote all the updates to use avplayer for streaming media.

It was done to only use avplayer for streaming content (ie remote) and to still use avaudioplayer for localfiles in order to minimize the amount of things I was changing, as I didn’t want to end up rewriting the whole thing!.

Local and remote audio playback have definitely been working fine when those changes were first merged as I use local and remote audio playback extensively in my own app without issue. It must be a regression that was introduced at some point. I have the latest media plugin installed in a new app now and it seems fine as well so I presume it’s fixed.

I’m happy to help out if I can with any questions around the media plugin.

Cant thank you enough. It solved my problem. Made my account just to thank you.