iOS 16 initial load time much slower than iOS 15

Ionic CLI v6.20.1

Steps to recreate:

Step 1. ionic start test tabs --type=vue

Step 2. cd ./test

Step 3. ionic cap build ios --prod

Step 4. In Xcode: Product -> Run

Takes ~40 seconds to initially load when using iOS 16, but starts quickly (<1s) thereafter.

Same app takes <5s to load initially on iOS 15.

Can you elaborate more? Do mean from simulator start up? Or is this on a real device?

This is on a real device (iPhone 13 mini w/ iOS 16.0.3). I used by wife’s old iPhone 8 with iOS 15.5 to test as well because I couldn’t easily downgrade my phone back to 15.5 after the upgrade.

@mhartington Any ideas on this? Do you know if I’m the only one experiencing it?