iOS 13 scrollbar preventing angular events

I am having an issue where angular events are not firing if you try to click an element (specifically an ion-item) through iOS 13’s scrollbar on the far right of the screen (See screenshot).

Here is a dumbed down example:

<ion-item (click)="myClickEvent()"> ... </ion-item>

public myClickEvent() {
  console.log('click event triggered');

I don’t get any logs from that, so the click event isn’t being fired. (But only if I click on top of the scrollbar, the extreme right of the screen while the scrollbar is visible).

The interesting part is that the element does highlight for a moment as if registering the click (see screenshot below).


Does anyone one know what event Ionic is listening to for that? Because that is getting triggered but mouse events through Angular are not.

I tried this with other mouse events like mouseup and mousedown with the same result.
If I click on the element but not over the scrollbar then everything works as expected.

The issue is that to users it looks like they clicked on the element and that something should happen but because we can’t capture the event we can’t handle it correctly. So the row gets highlighted for a moment but no action is taking place.

Thank you for all you do!