IonTabs are worst!

I am using ionic with firebase and angularfire2. It seems the ion tabs are not at all behaving the way it should. Following are the issues which I have been facing:

  1. Why in the world will ion tab show after signout? Does that mean, the pages mentioned in the tabspage does not necessarily access those same pages? Why will any “PAGE” show when I have moved out from “PAGE”… It scares me to think if this can be done with other pages too. Really crappy work here

  2. The tabs move on top of keyboard? Or is it ‘INTENDED ANIMATION’ by ionic team :wink:

  3. If you signout and then signin with some other user, you know you don’t landup at the home page… you landup at the page which the previous user signed out from :rage:

I mean it’s really frustrating to keep finding hacks from here and there for just a pretty much straight forward requirement.


  1. Why in the world will ion tab show after signout?
    Because u need to tell it not to show when signing out.

  2. Does that mean, the pages mentioned in the tabspage does not necessarily access those same pages?
    Yes they do access those same pages only if you created them and assigned them.

  3. The tabs move on top of keyboard?
    No, must be your shitty html design.

  4. Because you need to tell it which page to navigate after you signed in/ logged out :wink:

Dont be mad at the Ionic team, be mad at yourself for not understanding what to do. READ through the documents.


Good to know someone cares enough to defend! Anyways…

  1. Used tabsHideOnSubPages: true… Why shouldn’t it be default?
  2. Have you heard ‘Burn the bridges’… Why do I need to remember the page which I left?
  3. No need to pass the blame to poor HTML. It’s more important than ionic. The shitty Alert makes the tab behave like this.
  4. I understand Ionic enough to use push, setRoot etc…

I will really, really appreciate if you have some links, tuts, docs anything which can show ‘tabsHideOnAlert’ or any other relevant detail. Pls avoid boisterous answers

I’ve got to back up @togotech a bit here. You make valid points, but will also find quite a lot of posts on the forum related to those points and confusion surrounding them.

I also can’t support a statement that suggests reading the Ionic docs will lead to knowing exactly what to do. Ionic’s docs are OK, but not stellar by any means. There are a decent number of incomplete, out of date, or inaccurate portions.

I’m pretty experienced with Ionic and gave up on using Tabs a good while ago. The amount of troubleshooting needed just led me to use other, more fantastic Ionic stuff instead.

In short, Ionic often knocks it out of the park. I can’t apply that statement to Tabs.

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Yes @jaydz … Its bit difficult to reorient the design after working on tabs… But I think a more informed answers and docs relating to tabs are needed. The quirks are disturbing

I don’t use tabs either. Though I am more cautious/paranoid than most people on this forum. Yesterday I said “You can’t trust X thing to work,” and a guy who is good said, “X totally works.” Was he right? Was I? I don’t know. I do know using tabs was more annoying than I was willing to accept.


That’s the “in a nutshell” summation that defines my Tabs experience.

@jaydz @AaronSterling … Not sure if removing the tabs option is the best option… I am yet to reach that tipping point where I can give up on Tabs… Till that time… Can’t reorient the design :cry: