'IonList' is not assignable to parameter of type 'HTMLIonItemSlidingElement

I keep getting the above error when i am running the below build command

ionic cordova build android --profile prod --release --prod

Do someone have an idea of what i am doing wrong ??

kindy see the html page code @jjdev

    <ion-buttons slot="start">
<!-- header toolbar -->
    <ion-segment [(ngModel)]="segment" (ionChange)="updatePosts()">
      <ion-segment-button value="all">
      <ion-segment-button value="favorites">
<!-- end of main header toolbar -->

<ion-content class="outer-content">
<div class="">
    <!-- search wrap -->
<ion-toolbar fixed>
  <!-- <div class="search-wrapper">

  </div> -->
    <ion-searchbar fixed animated [(ngModel)]="queryText"  (ionChange)="filteredPosts($event)" placeholder="Search for a devotion "></ion-searchbar>

  <!-- search wrap -->

<!-- <ion-list> -->
          <ion-refresher slot="fixed" color="success" (ionRefresh)="doRefresh($event)">
        <!-- </ion-content> -->
    <ion-row class="ion-align-items-stretch"  #postList [hidden]="shownSessions === 0">
      <ion-col size="12" size-md="6" *ngFor="let post of posts" [hidden]="post.hide">
        <!-- post item -->
        <ion-list #devotionList>
          <ion-item-sliding #slidingItem >
            <ion-item detail lines="inset" routerLink="/single-post/{{post.id}}">
                  <h4 class="devotion-topic">
                    <p class="devotion-date">
                       {{post.dateCreated | date}}
                         <!-- {{post.date}}  -->
                    <p class="devotion-excerpt">
                <ion-item-option  (click)="addFavorite(slidingItem, post)" *ngIf="segment === 'all'">
                <ion-item-option color="danger" (click)="removeFavorite(slidingItem, post, 'Remove Favorite')" *ngIf="segment === 'favorites'">
    <ion-list-header [hidden]="shownSessions > 0">
   <ion-row class="row-empty-note">
     <ion-col class="text-center" text-center>
       <p class="note-empty-text">No Favorite Devotion!</p>
        <p class="empty-note">
<!-- </ion-list> -->

Can you post your home.page.html and ts?