Ioniv 1 bootstrap like navtabs

Hey there community,

i am new to ionic and i am building an application. For the application i used the side menu app quick start of ionic.

But in one of my templates i would like to implement bootstrap like navtabs like those (

I am really confused in what way i should approach this. So i will write to you my thoughts.

  • Is it ok to use Bootstrap in an ionic app just for the pills?
    (I know that this question is too much asked but the answers are a bit grey ).

  • Should i use an app that has both sidemnu and tabs?
    (But the problem here is tha the tabs will be only a part of the template i want to implent them in )

  • Should i approach the UI/UX differently and avoid the navtabs?

What is the most good way to approach my problem?

EDIT * Here is a pen of desired outcome