$ionicUser.identify is not a function

I am trying to use Ionic Analytics to enable analytics at the user level. From the documentation, it looks like I should be able to try to identify an existing user with $ionicUser.identify() and then save that user to ionic.io if it doesn’t yet exist, or re-use the existing user if it had already been created.

After I inject $ionicUser into my controller, and after the user has successfully logged in, I attempt the following call:

var identifiedUser = $ionicUser.identify({
user_id: ‘useremail@company.com’

But I get the following error:

TypeError: $ionicUser.identify is not a function

Here is my setup info:

Cordova CLI: 5.4.0
Gulp version: CLI version 3.9.0
Gulp local:
Ionic Version: 1.1.1
Ionic CLI Version: 1.7.12
Ionic App Lib Version: 0.6.5
Node Version: v4.2.2

(I installed ionic.io with “ionic add ionic-platform-web-client” and have successfully anonymous analytics on ionic.io)

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


Anyone out there who can help with this? It seems like a pretty basic issue, so I can’t be the only one to have run into this?