IonicPage Decorator SwipeToGoBack / lazy load


Hi all! I’m using the IonicPage Decorator for my newer version of our app. I’m wondering 1) if it’s still not supported by default / if there’s an ETA on it being ‘default’ and 2) if swipe to go back is something that’s still being worked on?

At the moment my app, if I enable swipe to go back, gives a blank page for a few seconds until the previous view (re)loads when the swipe is finished. The view is also not touchable for a a few seconds after swiping back, but I think that’s related to the late loading. Also worth point out that I have preloadModules set to true.

Thanks for your support.


Why do you think so?
Lazy Loading can be used just fine.

Should it? Is there an issue that tells the developers to do any work on it?

That sounds like a problem that should be written down in a bug report / issue on Github so someone can look at it, Best with a reproduction project that someone can just clone from Github that directly shows the problem.