Ionicon circle-outline?

There are lots of icons with circles around them.

I’m making a checklist app, where I’m gonna use the checkmark-circle-outline icon, for the checklist items that are checked. For the ones not checked, I would like a simple circle-outline icon, which is the same as the one mentioned above, but without the actual checkmark. I can’t find this anywhere. Is this to be included in ionicons, or do i have to find a different solution? Or maybe it’s already there, but well hidden?

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You could do the same as Ionic does for checkboxes :
Create a div (like 25px * 25px), and put a border-radius or 25px on it, will do a circle.

Hope it helps

I’d really prefer having this as an icon. An icon that matches the other circle-outline icons. I just don’t see why this isn’t already an icon.


The icon I’m looking for is there, it’s just called “radio-button-off”.

My mistake.