IonicNativePlugin missing from @ionic-native/core

I have an ionic 3 app that needs access to the device’s serial number.
The Device plugin is already installed in the plugins folder, so I just had to do

npm install --save @ionic-native/device

I then imported it into app.module.ts and declared it in the @ngModule provider array as well.

But doing an ionic serve or build android gives me the following error:

Module ‘"…/node_modules/@ionic-native/core/index"’ has no exported member ‘IonicNativePlugin’.

How do I go about solving this?


i have also encounter this as i use media capture plugin, any solution?

IonicNativePlugin was added in newer version of ionic-native/core, so I had to uninstall this one and install the newest one which is 3.6.1, and now plugin got exported and everything works fine.


yes i saw the updates, hehe
i run ionic outdated then ionic update :slight_smile:


Thanks Codelives- this saved me a lot of time. I just did a

npm uninstall -–save @ionic-native/core
npm install –-save @ionic-native/core@latest

and it works on all platforms now


This doesn’t work in desktop on chrome ?

Hi guys. I’ve been stuck with this for quite some time. I followed the instructions but it just did not work, then I read another related article where a person mentioned to close terminal/cmd and re-open after it was run. I tried this and it worked. Just a missing step that might help someone.