ionicModal not rotating in iOS app [SOLVED]

I am in the process of using ionic in another mobile app along with cordova. I have come to a problem, I have been unable to resolve. I am trying to use a slidebox inside of a modal. This is working perfectly in Android when built. However, when using the same code for iOS (iPhone 5 & XCode), the modal window does not rotate. The header bar runs vertically up the left hand side of the screen.

Running the same code via the browser (Safari) on the iPhone, the code works just as it does on desktop or build for Android.

Here is a link to a Codepen for the code I am using. Any suggestions? I could resize the modal if, it wasn’t for the header bar going up the side of the screen.

This was a cordova/phonegap issue. Settings in config.xml orientation did not affect hand held devices only iPad form factor. This issue was resolved by changing setting in \Resources{app-name}.plist file and changing orientation settings manually in xcode.