Ionicframework and ionic creator account


Hi !

I use ionic since several months. I love it ! And everyday I surf on the websites ionic and ionicframework. This weekend I was ready to pay for more services (creator etc.).

Clicking on the tab price (or on upgrade your account, I don’t remember), I paid a fee of one year for the ionic creator pro ($24/month) thinking I’ll have full access. However after that I just seen that with ionicframework, there is also a pricing for different account. Through ionicframework, we can have the ionic creator and other services with only $29/month (developer account)…

This is an error from me, but it seems that many persons are lost between ionic and ionicframework services and pricing. So… for me this is a sort of involuntary scam…

My questions are :

  • is the creator access with the ionicframework developer account identical to ionic creator pro account ?
  • if yes, is it possible to switch from the first to the other and just pay the difference ? because I was unable to log in to the ionicframework… I just paid in the wrong website

Thanks in adance,

Jonathan Denies


I have the same problem, I don’t want to pay twice for the same service.


I did the same thing. Any update on this? Can we hear from the Ionic team?

I noticed that they don’t answer to any queries. I have sent a support ticket but they still don’t answer after 5 days.


No news about that one year after …; :s