ionicActionSheet sometime shows sometimes not, on slide

Hi guys:
I have a slide-box, and when you click on each slide, a ionicActionSheet will show:

However, the ionicActionSheet is not showing sometimes. Any idea?

More details about this:
I have does-continue = true on my slider, so when I click the arrows, it will loop.
For the 1st round of loop, ionicActionSheet will show on each slide.
But the 2nd round, not. and the 3rd round, show again. this continues when I click on.

version: * Ionic, v1.0.0-beta.4

Hmm, I wasn’t able to reproduce it with this codepen.

Anything off in here?

hi, mhartington, thanks for your reply.
Yes, your code works fine, but mine not. I can’t find out what’s the root reason for this now:(

Hmm, debugging time! Try breaking your code down function by function. Set some breakpoints dev tools, you’ll find it :smile:

I find it out!
it happens when there’s only 2 slide. You can also reproduce it on your code by removing one slide.
When the slide loop on, the actionsheet will show on the 1st round, but not on the 2nd.

Hmm very odd. I’ll open an issue for it.

I read the source code, it seems that 2 slides is considered as a special case for slider.
Maybe that causes the problem.

Interesting, either way, I opened an issue for it.