Ionic6/Capacitor4 pin check?

I’ve been working on upgrading our app to cap4/ionic6/angular14 (from cap3/ionic5/angular12) - one thing I got caught up in were some deprecated/unmaintained plugins our app uses.

I’m mostly concerned with ionic-native/pin-check and/or its cordova implementation/dependency cordova-plugin-pincheck - since ionic-native for ionic5 isn’t compatible with node16/angular14:

rxjs@“^5.5.0 || ^6.5.0” from @ionic-native/core@5.36.0 (dependency from @ionic-native/pin-check@5.36.0)
rxjs@“^6.5.5 || ^7.4.0” from @angular/core@14.2.12

Are there any alternatives? I’ve already tried capacitor-pin-check which seems to have been built for cap3 (implements PluginRegistry incorrectly for cap4, I already created an issue but I’m not sure if the repo is still maintained.)

I’m currently also looking at grabbing the code for my own repo and making my changes there, but it doesn’t seem like the ideal solution.

Thanks for any input.

ionic native was donated to the community and renamed to awesome cordova plugins

Ah, I’ve been on their page, unfortunately @awesome-cordova-plugins/pin-check does not exist (neither in their docs nor in the package manager).

In that case you’ll have to use the plugin using the javascript API as documented on the plugin page, in this case you have to use the window.cordova.plugins.PinCheck object directly.
In the end, ionic-native/awesome-cordova-plugins are just typescript wrappers for making easier to use javascript plugins that didn’t include types.