Ionic4: Tabs within dynamic parent path

I’m trying to position a tabs page deeper in my app.

Following would be the route

From the standard ionic Tabs example, the root of the tabs route should be a path ‘tabs’. In my case, that path is the dynamic path ‘/:player’. Because of this I’m unable to use the path ‘’ and redirectTo ‘/(profile:profile)’

				path: "team",
				component: TeamListPage,
				path: 'team/:player_id',
				component: PlayerPage,
				// pathMatch: 'full',
				children: [
						path: '',
						redirectTo: '/(profile:profile)',
						pathMatch: 'full'
						path: 'profile',
						outlet: 'profile',
						component: ProfilePage
						path: 'stats',
						outlet: 'stats',
						component: StatsPage

Has anyone tried something similar ?