Ionic4 Datetime component sets minutes to current time


I’m using a datetime component meant to show hours, I’m attaching its value to a form. I wish the input to be empty until you click on it, for which the hours should be open and set at 8:00 hours, this works fine locally but when deploying it over a server and checking on browser it always sets the minutes to the current time.

<ion-datetime formControlName="hourStart" display-format="HH:mm" picker-format="HH:mm"
              [pickerOptions]="hourStartOptions" (click)="setInitialStartHour()">
  private minHour = {
    hour: { text: '08', value: 8, columnIndex: 0 },
    minute: { text: '00', value: 0, columnIndex: 1 }

   public setInitialStartHour() {
    if (isUndefined(this.absenceForm.controls['hourStart'].value)) {

Is there a way to avoid this from happening? Shouldn’t the datetime picker be set to its value?