Ionic4 clearInput color

Hi, is there a way to change the color of the clearinput icon on ionic 4 rc?

It’s a shadow dom element with .input-clear-icon class that use a background-image svg filled with this variable color: var(–ion-color-step-600,%20%23666666).

It’s rendered as a dark grey, I’m trying to make it white.


Is there any workaround?

I’ve tried to override scss variable but nothing change:

:root {
–input-md-input-clear-icon-color: #ffffff;
–ion-color-step-600: #ffffff;

Seems css-variables are not working inside the svg’s set as backgrounds, despite the fact Chrome’s dev tools are showing the right color:

I’ve set the color like this:

:root {
  ion-input {
    --ion-color-step-600: #684611;

it was confirmed as bug: