Ionic2 Web App Hosting?


Hello. I’m pretty new to Angular2 & Ionic2. I have a running Ionic2 app that’s working great on my phone. What are my options for deploying it to be a web app? I have a Rails backend for the api. Should I host the client side app through rails? I’ve also see people just hosting angular apps on Amazon S3. Is that a good idea?

Related to this, how are people structuring their code in this situation? Right now in my mind the Rails code should be in a separate git repo then the Ionic app. Is there a good way to keep them separate and then deploy them independently to production?


Personally I use git-subrepo.


Ok, so I’m trying out using my rails app to also host the ionic app. Setting it up was a little weird. I wrote down what I did here. I ended up using git submodules over using git-subrepo. It’s naturally part of git and has been working great for me. Let me know if anyone comes up with a better way to do things.