Ionic2 update view whenever changes frequently in service

I have written the code in service to get stock values from Light streamer. In my service I can see the changes from LS. It is changing frequently. But I couldn’t update this changes in my view file. I have written service as like below

export class MarketService{
    private stockChanged = new Subject<any>(); 
    itemNames = ["SPOT-GOLD", "CSILVER-2", "SPOT-INR", "MGOLD-1", "MSILVER-1"];
    fieldNames = ["desc", "bid", "ask", "high", "low", "ltp"];
    stocks: string[][];
    initStocks() {
        // initialize stock matrix

    subscribeStocks() {
            onItemUpdate: (updateObject) => {
                var itemName = updateObject.getItemName();
                updateObject.forEachChangedField((fieldName, fieldPos, val) => {
                      var itemIndex = this.itemNames.indexOf(itemName);
                      var fieldIndex = this.fieldNames.indexOf(fieldName);
                         this.stocks[itemName][fieldName] = val;
    getCurrentRates(): Observable<any> {
      return this.stockChanged.asObservable();

And in my component:

stockdata: any = {};
    subscription: Subscription;
    constructor(private stockService: MarketService) {
        this.subscription = this.stockService.getCurrentRates().subscribe(data => {  console.log(data);this.stockdata = data; });
    ngOnDestroy() {

But not getting update in my component and view. But my service getting update frequently. Could you please help any one.

so, the data changed… but there is nothing USING the data.
==> stockdata: any = {};

nothing references the stockdata variable

Out of curiosity, what happens if you use something like lodash’s clonedeep to ensure that every time you call it is fed a brand-new object?

declare function require(mn: string): any;
let clonedeep = require('lodash.clonedeep');

I suspect that since the component is seeing the same object over and over again, Angular’s change detector thinks nothing has changed.

that won’t help as the service puts the data in this.stockdata, NOT this.stocks