Ionic2 Stylus library

Hello there,

Are there anyone tried to convert ionic2 Sass library to Stylus?

I was searched for ionic2 Stylus library but it is not exists, and I was tried to convert from Sass to Stylus used sass2stylus command line tool (Ruby) but there are some functions not supported by Stylus (need a little effort to port to Stylus) and there are also list type variables declaration need to manual convert also. I though it take sometime to make all of them work and I stopped because have no time to do with it.

I think it should be very good if ionic2 come with options Sass and Stylus to choose to start development with it. I found that Stylus is much better than Sass with similar, simple and flexible syntax like Sass but it come with only NodeJS tool so stripped down Ruby dependencies so it make development stack much smaller and simpler.

PS: it was another topic about this for ionic v1 from 2014 and I want to create a new topic in order to have refresh discussion with ionic2.

Hey there! So not sure why you would want to use Stylus. Our sass process has long since been based on lib-sass, which makes up node-sass, so there is ZERO Ruby dependency in our build process.

Oh yes, but it still need to build node-sass with node-gyp then it still take time to build and install native compiler (gcc and other compile tool) while stylus is written in pure js.