IONIC2 - Styling Ion-Menu


.toolbar-background { }

If you use the web inspector you’ll see wether it gets applied or not.

hint: .toolbar-title & .toolbar-background

another hint: that attitude won’t get you anywhere.

Thank you. Has nothingjtodo with my “attitude”. Check the IRC-Channels. Noone is happy about the support given by ionic.

They have a pricing-model now, but cant give the support to the developers. Why should a customer (just think about that!) purchase a service if there’s not even a proper documentation or at least a support?

But thanks anyway for the help

the question you posted is rather easy to fix by just using the devtools. If you’re encountering a serious issue, opening an issue on github will be answered.


Hey there! We’re sorry you’re unhappy about things.

We don’t tend to use IRC anymore (haven’t for quite some time) and tend to hang out more in the public slack

This is where you’d be able to get in touch with us directly.

We always try our best, but we’re human, sometimes we miss things here and there :grin:

Thats why we also have community members who try to help out where they can.