Ionic2 RC1 builds giving white screen of death


This is console.log when I run ionic run ios. Screen stays white, after very slow splash screen animation. Same on Android. Same on BuddyBuild. What is this? How to fix this? How to debug this?

    1     751608   error    ORIGINAL STACKTRACE:
    0     751607   error    EXCEPTION: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'qst.Base64.decode')
    3     751611   error    EXCEPTION: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'qst.Base64.decode')
    2     751610   error    urlBase64Decode@
    6     751614   error    [object Object]
    7     751677   log      DEVICE READY FIRED AFTER, 129, ms


I have the same problem.


Interestingly, a problem does not have the same problem with the same git commit.

Things he did different: He install directly IonicRC1 without RC0 in between. But if that’s the root cause, hard to say. He recommends attaching Safari Debugger.


By the way, I got rid of that problem by updating Cordova, and by fixing some more upgrade-specifc bugs and now the error is gone, but the splash is never going away. Did you achieve something yourselve?


This may not be related but I had a js-base64 error trying ot use angular2-jwt. The solution was to install the types:

Cannot find module ‘js-base64’

npm install @types/js-base64 --save

I find it’s often easier to diagnose a build issue by running ‘ionic build browser’ as ‘ionic-serve’ seems to skip ahead even if the build failed.

RC0 - library dependency export (jwt-angular2, js-base64)