Ionic2 project run windows ignore windows-arch preference

I’m using native SQLite in my project, and I want to run it in windows 10 (UWP), the SQLite plugin reports that “It is not possible to use this plugin with the default “Any CPU” target. A specific CPU target must be selected.”.

So I checked with setting the specific CPU target in the ionic2 project, I found that it should be done this way: <preference name = "windows-arch" value = "x86" />, with the following value options: anycpu, arm, x86 , And x64.

When I try to run the ionic project for windows with the following command: "$ ionic run windows" and with the following preference: <preference name="windows-arch" value="x86" />, it seems that the "windows-arch" preference is ignored because the reported plugin issue of SQLite occurs and in the log the target is displayed other than the configured:

Building project: ...project_folder\platforms\windows\CordovaApp.Windows10.jsproj

        Configuration : debug
        Platform      : anycpu

Where the correct would be: Platform : x86

Would that be a bug? Or am I missing something?

have never tried as a preference but using build command this syntax works: “ionic build windows --arch x86”

Any news here?
Same problems with my project ;-(