Ionic2 prod build takes more than 5mins

system info

Build #2

Any anti virus scanners (or Windows Defender)?
Are you using an SSD or old school HDD?

How does it matter?? ssd vs hdd, It use to work for me very fast usually, facing issue after recent updates.

Well, then it doesn’t matter to me if you can fix your problem. Good luck.

I have HDD and not running any Defenders/scanners.

Windows without any Anti virus protection? That’s brave.

Looking at your two builds it’s both times the webpack step that is so super slow, although everything else is quite slow, too. What command exactly are you running to build?


I used windows for years without any virus scanner and the whole windows defender… in most cases good ad blocker and hardware firewall is enough or a free separated traffic monitoring app for blocking in and out going traffic, if you are knowing what you are doing ;).

And you no what you are downloading … but back to topic.

try to update your appscripts.
In general even an i3 without ssd should build this in < 3min.

How many pages/ts files do you have, or how large is your style, how many dependencies are you using…

Maybe you are packing many mediafiles, large styling etc.