Ionic2 modals not loading in Electron build

Hi all,

I’m working on creating an Electron build of my Ionic2 app. Everything works great except when I open a modal it never loads. The modal HTML seems to not be loading which causes the problem.

In the dev tools under network, while the app initially loads my root page I see all the HTML from my components in that page loading and when navigating to a new page the HTML loads correctly.

However, when trying to open the modal the HTML is never loaded according to the network tab in the dev tools. In the elements tab, I can see the modal related HTML being added automatically by Ionic but the actual modal HTML is not loaded (see picture).

The constructor for the modal page is working correctly (console.logs work) so I think the only problem is the modal HTML is not being loaded for whatever reason.

Everything works normally in the browser.

I’m using Ionic2 beta 8 (with Angular2 RC1) and electron-prebuilt 1.2.7. To setup Electron, I followed the tutorial found here.

Thanks for reading,

Hello Dharsan,

the current beta is 11, there have been many changes. I think before calling for help you should consider to update to the latest beta of Ionic 2. If the problem is still present please come back and mention me here and we’ll have a look.

The fastest way to update is to work on the breaking changes listed in the changelog.

Good Luck!


I updated to beta 10 (I’m on my way to 11 just wanted to make sure I don’t miss changes on my way there) and it’s fixed!

Thanks for your help,