Ionic2 build demo not working


I cloned a forked ionic repo and am trying to build the demos to run them. I run ‘gulp’, but it doesn’t succeed. The bundle.js is not generated and I get the following terminal errors:

ERRROR: Command failed: node --max_old_space_size=8096 /Users/luki/Applications/ionic-fork/ionic/node_modules/.bin/ngc -p /Users/luki/Applications/ionic-fork/ionic/demos/tsconfig.json
Error: Error at /Users/luki/Applications/ionic-fork/ionic/node_modules/@types/protractor/index.d.ts:22:27: Module ‘webdriver’ has no exported member ‘IButton’.
Error at /Users/luki/Applications/ionic-fork/ionic/node_modules/@types/protractor/index.d.ts:25:24: Module ‘webdriver’ has no exported member ‘IKey’.
Error at /Users/luki/Applications/ionic-fork/ionic/node_modules/@types/protractor/index.d.ts:28:45: Property ‘Error’ does not exist on type ‘typeof error’.
(lots more errors of this type: Module ‘webdriver’ has no exported member ‘IKey’. )

Something with the webdriver is broken.

Anybody got a clue ?!


I was trying this yesterday after installing the latest ionic and found I needed to have npm v>3 … the advice was to install the latest nodejs (6.7?).

But it might be worth looking at the changelog first to see the changes… i.e. no more gulp…

Thanks for your reply.
My forked repo was 50 commits behind the upstream repo. After rebasing (getting the latest ionic repo) the gulp worked.

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