Ionic2 Beta10 - Tab with Scroll content - Scroll not working in iOS

Upgrade to nightly built (Beta11) fixed my issue.

This is gorgeous! It Work for me. Thanks.

Whats the repo for nightly build, beta 11?


I also had to add a negative z-index to tabs, to prevent the tabs showing white blank on some tabs:

ion-tab {
transform: translateY(-200%);
z-index: -1
} {
transform: translateY(0);

Having this same issue with Beta11 and have not tried this css workaround. any possible settings that i need to look. I am not using any iframe, simple ionic content.

same for me I have for example a list of ionic cards (with different sizes), the scrolling on device is not fluid (and the component is completely loaded) tested on galaxy edge 6 and iphone 6. No iframe nor tabs used, same problem with ion select.

this happens even if I need a half-screen scroll it’s not related to long lists. And I’m with beta 11 as well.

this happens when the device is connected to my Mac (for debug) when i disconnect usb everything is ok

hi, do still hv this issue? my scrolling also get stuck sometimes

@ankushagg93 sir i have occur scroling issue only in the iphone7 but in the another iphoes scrolling is working the iphone7 ion-scroll is frozen (not scrollable) after scroll up and down list is freeze, i tried above but not worked for you have any sir why scroling not worked in the iphone7?