Ionic1 Local Notification installation error

When I am trying to install local notificaion plugin(cordova-plugin-local-notifications - cordova plugin add and trying to create a android build in ionic1 then I am getting an error

Please help me to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance


The log file tell that you are using the deprecated API. That’s why you can’t integrate with latest API of the Android platform. Please use the latest API. Please replace TaskInput.source with TaskInput.file (It show the solution how to fix it in the log)


Thanks for reply.

I dont know in which file i need to replace TaskInput.source with TaskInput.file.

Can you please tell me the file name?


Please search your project and find TaskInput.source into it. Just replace and try to build.


Remove your existing plugin, remove the platform and re-add platform and plugin

I did this but still facing same issue.

can you post your > ionic info


Here is the ionic info, please see image.


That error doesn’t seem harmful. Scroll down and see if you see any other errors while build is created.

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Not any other error,