Ionic1 Android App Oversize


I am new to Ionic. Chosen Ionic1 as my development platform as I facing iOS performance lag while using collection-repeat in Ionic2.
Anyway, this is not the major problem I am having now.

My problem is regarding the App size after installed on device. Cannot figure out what’s the problem yet. Would like to seek for professional advise.
Android: 88MB++
iOS: 18MB++

platforms/android folder size
RM -> Add: 15MB++
RM ->Add -> Compile: 500MB++
After Analysis the main file size 370MB++ is occupied by platforms/android/build

Checked all image, splashcreen and icon folder is quite small. Example Res folder is 344kb only.

Anyone can advise what is the problem?
Thanks a lot.


are you using crossWalk?


Yes, I did.
So it seem cause by the crosswalk…

Any possible to reduce crosswalk size?


see this question and you can use crosswalk lite it will reduce around 20 MB


Did you find any solution for this ? I’m also struggling with scroll lag with collection-repeat (iphone 7 ). It makes my app very un-native. Tried everything, scroll is perfectly smooth using ng-repeat instead of collection-repeat.


thanks a lot for the info.
Temporary I remove crosswalk first and will observe the difference.
My Apps drop to 20MB already.


Hi, u using Ionic1 or Ionic 2?
I am using Ionic 1 with collection repeat, everything is fine.
Try providing collection-item-height and width, see if could improve or not.


Using Ionic1, i don’t think collection-repeat is still available in v2.
It’s working perfectly on browser and android for big lists, but the scroll is very laggy/jumpy on IOS (iphone7).
I’ve got thumbnails but it’s still laggy without img.


Checked back my code is provided with collection-item-height and scroll-overflow = true.
So far everything is smooth. Hopefully it does work for your case also.


Thanks for your answer @dodomui. Are you on Android ? Because scroll-overflow=true does not work on IOS for collection-repeat.