Ionic With Facebook connect on Android Device

Hello Comunity…

I’ve general question with location for ionic framework last version installed…( CLI v 1.3.0)
for testing app with ionic serve and chrome… no probleme, we can get path url
(for return url with services fb per examples)
context = window.location.pathname.substring(0, window.location.pathname.indexOf("/",2)),
baseURL = location.protocol + ‘//’ + location.hostname + (location.port ? ‘:’ + location.port : ‘’) + context,

OR : if (!window.location.origin) {
window.location.origin = window.location.protocol + “//” + window.location.hostname + (window.location.port ? ‘:’ + window.location.port: ‘’);
BUT with ionic run android, i have popup the information of path url or location…
result is :
file://android_asset/www/index.html#/app/messages (for my general location in page messages)

BUT return url for services fbconnect is calculated with context : " file://android_asset/ "

and facebook connect in this case get error : " uri must be absolute" … or if i force location url for or localhost ( : 8100 with or not infos port is also testing )

i always get an error with " uri must be absolute" or connection refused with error popup and force close app…
i’ve no solution for this… all other function of my app with api sever connect is ok… (i begin google map and also ok for connections)

thank for help me to resolve problème…


Probleme is open on stackoverflow !
we need a solution !!!