Ionic with Angular 1.5?

I’m wondering if there will be another 1.x Ionic release that will be bundled with the recently released Angular 1.5? If not, what is the advice in using Angular 1.5 with Ionic?

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Angular 1.5 is built to make migration from 1.x to 2 simpler. Directives replaced with components.
So I think an Ionic bundle with Angular 1.5 would be really useful and required as well.

Would Angular 1.5 components work out of the box in the current version of Ionic?

From my experience not completely. They do to a degree but at other times they fail.

It work without problem. I m using ionic with angular 1.5 es6 and component with babel & webpack without any problem.

Could you give a small example on how you do state handling using angular 1.5 components?