Ionic wifi direct

I want to create an application which can create a wifi hotspot. And the app should be able to transfer data into the devices which are connected to the wifi hotspot.
How to do this?
Hotspot creation part is done…

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Hello Anuradha,

You do not have to create a WiFi hotspot in the host device, since Android supports P2P data transfer over WiFi Direct. Unfortunately this is not currently supported in Ionic, hence you will have to create your own Cordova plugin. The plugin would have to natively implement a Broadcast Receiver for WiFi Direct and a P2P Manager for data transfer.

Please refer this documentation for the native Android implementation and this documentation for the steps to create a Cordova plugin.

Thanks @damianperera.

but what about IOS? IOS does not have the same WIFI Direct thingy as Android does

Same issue here.

Looking solution for iOS on this.