Ionic White Screen of Death - No Console Logs!

I am emulating android with the following command:

ionic emulate android -l -c -s

The framework goes through the whole process with no errors:

Running command…

Booting up emulator…

However my app (songhop, from the tutorial) dos not load with an error appearing on the screen of the emulated android phone:

Unfortunately Songhop has stopped

The most distributing thing of all is that there is nothing in the terminal in way of error log or console outputs?
From my experience with android-studio I am used to seeing reams and reams of console outputs and long Java stacktraces to help me debug.
How is it possible to see some kind of output from the ionic app to help debug when emulating?

I had a similar error too trying to run the emulator.

I’d first check your index.html for the links to the files. Some of the might for example come up as “/lib/…” when they should be “lib/…”. This is what fixed it for me.

If that doesn’t work you can use chrome debugging on the emulator to get console logs as if you were debugging javascript in the browser. Check out the tutorial here and when you start up your emulator, it should appear as a debuggable device. This should allow you to see errors that terminal doesn’t show (hence how I found the fix above).

The same app seems to be working on a real device (white screen of death on emulator). May investigate further at later date and update here.