Ionic Vue using Capacitor - Not finding Cordova Plugin

 V/Capacitor/Plugin: To native (Cordova plugin): callbackId: Capture1685955499, service: Capture, action: captureAudio, actionArgs: [{"limit":3000}]
D/Capacitor: App paused
D/Capacitor: Unable to find a Capacitor plugin to handle requestCode, trying Cordova plugins 1

Getting error that it can not find the plugin
Used npm to install all the plugins
it shows as installed in package.json

That means Capacitor didn’t find a Capacitor plugin to handle the request code, so will try with Cordova plugins, which is expected as you say it’s a Cordova plugin.

Inside of an Ionic Vue project, How would one access a cordova plugin over a Capacitor plugin?

import { MediaCapture, CaptureAudioOptions } from "@ionic-native/media-capture";

   const  captureAudio = async () =>{
    try {
      let fileName =
      'record' +
      new Date().getDate() +
      new Date().getMonth() +
      new Date().getFullYear() +
      new Date().getHours() +
      new Date().getMinutes() +
      new Date().getSeconds();
      if (isPlatform('ios')) {
        fileName = fileName + '.m4a';
        audioPath = FilesystemDirectory.Documents+ fileName;
      } else if (isPlatform('android')) {
        fileName = fileName + '.mp3';
        audioPath = FilesystemDirectory.Documents + fileName;
      const opts: CaptureAudioOptions = {
        limit: 3000,
      const audio = await MediaCapture.captureAudio(opts);
 audioPath.replace(/file:\/\//g, '')
      recordingState.value = true;
      } catch (error) {