Ionic vue switch tab from another tab

Im using ionic vue tabs starter appliction.
I have a requirement now, to switch tab programmatically from one tab to another

here is my situation

// in Tab1.vue page
setup(props, context) {
 function moveToTab2(){
      // here I need the code to switch tab1 to tab3
      // possible to call method here ?

// my tabs.vue page
<ion-tabs ref="tabs" >

any help is much appreciated, Thank you so much

See my example in soundTabs/Tab3.vue at 49983505f574f4756cae18b07d302c8cbbe8ffd5 · dolthead/soundTabs · GitHub

Docs are here: Vue Navigation - Ionic Documentation


Thank you so much :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Thats excatly what i was saying to you yesterday on stackoverflow :slight_smile: PS i have added the code there as well yesterday

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