Ionic vs. Ratchet



Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison of Ionic and Ratchet ( Just curious what the strengths and weaknesses are of both against each other. Trying to decide on a mobile framework to settle on to build a hybrid mobile app. Ionic looks really, really good - esp. where it has PhoneGap | Cordova | support, and is also bound to AngularJS. Ratchet, however, also supports Bootstrap, which Ionic does not; would be nice to have the CSS dimension be handled at some level.

Anyway, if anyone has input, would love to hear it. Thank you very much!


Short answer: Ratchet is not even close to Ionic. Just use Ionic.

Long answer:

You can’t really compare Ratchet to Ionic. The reason for that is while Ionic is both a CSS framework and a JS framework, Ratchet contains little-to-no JS.

You can, however, compare Ratchet to the CSS part of Ionic. I’d say Ratchet has one advantage: while Ionic looks exactly the same in Android and iOS, Ratchet has different styles for each platform. Although, Ionic creators would probably tell you that this isn’t even an advantage, but a different philosophy of the definition of a “hybrid mobile app”. And I partially agree, but this is still a cool feature.

Other than that, Ratchet is pretty small compared to Ionic. I don’t think that Bootstrap is an advantage of Ratchet over Ionic at all because Ionic contains grid, utility classes like pull-right etc.

Also, the way Ratchet handles page transitions is far inferior to AngularJS state routing.


Thank you for a detailed answer - exactly the kind of information i was looking for. Makes it much easier to decide now. And i’d actually prefer to have the app look the same on all platforms - so that particular issue is hardly a liability.

Thanks, and have a great Sunday!


@alon_gubkin description is very detailed. Good job :smile:

As far as the app looking the same on every platform, this is so you could create a theme for your app, a brand. But we do understand that there are some conventions that can make an app feel appear native. That’s where there is the WIP

This way, you can create a theme for your app (color, fonts, etc) but still have the platform conversions.


This is awesome! Is there an ETA?


No ETA on it, we want to make sure we get everything nice and gravy before we release it.