Ionic.views.Slider receives pretriggered touchmove-event with both x- and y-coordinates equals 0 (Ionic 1.0.0)


The slider component “ionic.views.Slider” sometimes receives a redundant touchmove-event with x- and y-coordinate equals 0 before it receives a second touchmove-Event with the right coordinates. It happens e.g. on a Xiaomi Mi3, OnePlus One, Nexus 5 device.

This results in an unwanted Swipe-gesture because of:

touchmove: function(event) {
    isScrolling = !!( isScrolling || Math.abs(delta.x) < Math.abs(delta.y) );

The isScrolling flag is then wrongly initialised as false (0 < 0 == false)!

Did anyone experienced the same behavior?

edit: Ignoring the case when x and y is 0 helps but is not a nice solution