Ionic Viewer and AWS Cognito

Trying to use IonicPro/Ionic Viewer with AWS systems and Cognito.

We’ve run into tons of issues surrounding authentication when trying to test via the viewer app.

Most of these are Access Control, or HTTP request erros. Was wondering if anyone has run into something similar?

What exactly are the errors you are encountering?
Have you tried building the app yourself, locally?

The App runs fine locally when installed directly to device. Although when running the app in IonicViewer, none of our HTTP requests run through AWS’s SDK go through. Almost like some requests complete, while others do not.

I do not get access to the console for errors when deployed to the ionicViewer. But these errors are most likely Timeout issues when authenticating via AWS cognito, or some type of CORS issue.
Any tips on how to get reliable error reporting out of Ionic Viewer? I’m trying to use IonicsPro error reporting but to no avail.

I wish I could give you some type of trace for you. But possibly wondering if anyone else has had issues with AWS SDK and using the Ionic Viewer.

Ionic View probably doesn’t whitelist the URLs like you did in your local app. It just isn’t made for such things. Why do you need to use Ionic View instead of the app you built yourself?

We are trying to use IonicPro’s Channel feature to run a distributed Beta test nationally. The channel deployment feature was a key reason we pursued IonicPro with the ability to test multiple features instantaneously on different channels without touching an app store.

Using TestFlight or Google’s crap beta system is slow and we thought that the ability to live update with Ionic Viewer we could alleviate the speed issue.

Is there anyway to get into the IonicViewer and whitelist ourselves?

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Not that I know of.

This was also just a guess, possible that this is caused by other reasons.

You might want talk to Ionic support about this specific problem, maybe they can help you debug this: We random forum people can’t do much there.