Ionic View - There was an error copying Cordova files


Fairly new to Ionic - just getting started.

I’ve created a new application via the Ionic CLI - I can run it using serve fine in a browser and I can view it in Ionic View on an Android phone, but using my iPhone 6S I get the following error in the screenshot: ‘There was an error copying Cordova files’.

This is achieved by using the new (not legacy) Ionic view and pasting the unique shared application ID. The channel in the new Ionic management UI is set to public and is configured to deploy from the Git master branch.

Is this a known issue with Ionic view or has anybody else experienced this? I’m on iOS 10.3.3


I’m also having this same issue.

Hello, did you happen to find a fix for this issue?

Sort of - I updated my iOS to 11.1, uninstalled and reinstalled Ionic View and it works - so it must be an iOS version specific issue.