Ionic View mobiel App: blank screen


When I upload my app to Ionic View, nothing shows in the the ion-nav-view. This happens on iOS and android. This does not happen with the emulators or ionic serve.

Is there away I can debug on Ionic View? Or are there app size limits and other Ionic View concerns I should be aware of when deploying.

I’m posting to ionic-creator since there’s not a category for ionic-view.


Hi @arisbartee you can use the javascript console in your browser to debug your apps, and last year @max seems published a post about how to debug in browser, take a look .



This is happening in the Ionic View apps: and

But not on the desktop or in the emulators.


Oh I see, since it’s a mobile apps I think there are limitations for feature like debug in the mobile app. Based on my experience, only use the ionic view app to test the apps I build with Ionic Framework on a device.

expect in the future the ionic view app can debug like in desktop browser :smiley:

please let me know if you need more help.



I had this same problem when I uploaded my app to Ionic View. I managed to fix it by simply restarting the ionic view app. I was using Ionic View on iPhone, so I just doubled tapped the home button and then swiped the Ionic View up to close it.

I hope that helps.


If the Ionic View app has made an update sometimes I also have to unintall and reinstall the app to get it worked.


The problem turned out to be a service file with a capital letter in the file name. I didn’t have the capital letter in the script tag it referencing it in my index.html file.

This problem didn’t show up with the desktop browsers or the emulators. I didn’t an android build and it showed up on the device. Debugging with desktop Chrome showed the 404.


i try to review my app in ionic view app, and it shows like above image.

also I try to run emulator for ios, the same screen show up, any idea?