Ionic view app won't run minimized

Hello all

I use requirejs to optimize my app into a minimized bundle. Both the original and optimized versions of the app run fine in the browser, and I can view the original version of the app in ionic view using ionic upload. But the optimized version of the app won’t run in ionic view at all - I can see an update the app in ionic view but when I run it I get a blank screen and nothing happens.

Any ideas on this problem and how to fix it?

many thanks

some console error or may be codepen code?

Yes it’s difficult to help you without any console errors. One thing I have in mind is that you did not use ng-annotate or array style dependency injection in angular before minification

Yes, that is the problem - how to get console errors out of the Ionic View app. Can I reiterate - this runs fine the browser after minification, it only fails after ionic upload and I try to view it in the ionic app. If there was a problem with array style dependency injection then it would fail in the browser too. This is a very big ionic app so it’s impractical to put it all into codepen, but then I guess it would work fine there too, the same as it does in the browser so we wouldn’t learn anything anyway.

So why would this app work in the browser but not in the Ionic View app after ionic upload? And how do you get console errors out of the ionic view app so it can be debugged successfully? What is the difference between the invocation in the Ionic View app and my desktop chrome browser that could cause this problem?

Hope that makes it clearer

You can run in in emulator and use remote debugging through chrome or safari to get console logs

How do I get the Ionic View app on to the emulator, and what is the procedure for doing remote debugging through chrome? This is only an issue with Ionic View - when I build the app into an apk it runs fine on my Android phone.

I’ve tried using weinre in the app on Ionic View, but without any success - I didn’t receive any traces in the debugging session.

Ah ok, if this is issue only on ionic view app then I cannot help you as I don’t know much about it.