Ionic Versions?

Hi, I am new in this environment, so I am following some tutorials like

I have tried a few more and in all of them I found the same problems, the providers don’t exist, the directories created are different, also the imports root like ionic-angular don’t work and I have to use @ionic/angular but with this, I have an error of “has no exported member”.

That could be possible due to the different ionic version?

If the framework is imported ionic-angular it’s v2/3

Only v4 is imported from @ionic/angular

You are correct when you think that your problem is the version of Ionic. If you are brand new, the odds are that you have an Ionic 4. You can confirm it with this command line ionic info.

One piece of advice: check weather the tutorial you are following is the same version as you are. There are few differences, but notorious.

Happy coding!