Ionic version management


i m starting with IONIC, trying to do a tutorial.
Problem is: it seems I have a version conflict, as described by the screenshot.
How can I handle this please?

I unsuccessfully tried fixing it doing (the information link does not help):

dyn905-123:bybit sam$ ionic lib update
This command has been deprecate. All resources are currently available in NPM and we recommend that you use NPM to manage these.
More information is available here:
Are you sure you want to replace /Users/sam/bybit/www/lib/ionic with an updated version of Ionic?
(yes/no): yes
Invalid version: undefined

You can only run the generate command inside of an Ionic 2 project, and there is no need to add the --v2 flag to the generate command.

So you would first do this:

ionic start MyApp blank --v2

and then:

cd MyApp

and then:

ionic g provider PeopleService