[Ionic V4] It's hard to style Ionic web component, doesn't it?

I currently, attempt to migrate a project from v3 to v4. I found that it is hard to re-style Ionic4
components. In some cases, I have to give up Ionic4 and use Material or Primeng instead.
Styling is critical important for web development. For a cross platform framework with different screen sizes support (PWA, mobile devices…), FLEXIBLE should be the most important thing a framework should consider, however, Ionic4 has changed to use web component. The advantage is that it can maintain it’s original style, but It is also the disadvantage, because it’s hard to re-styling.

I am curious that do you have the same problems? Or it’s only my problem? Using web component is just for fancy reason? or for practical? If I give up using Ionic4 components, using others instead what is the value of Ionic?

This has been discussed on this forum before. See e.g.:

Also the ionic docs have a full section about theming:

@pwespi Can you help me on this?
It’s very hard to use Ionic4 web component, I already give up, using raw swiper instead.
And I dont want to use javascript only just styling
If we give up everything from ionic, using other web components instead, what’s the value of Ionic?

Wow. I also have a production app that I am trying to upgrade to V4 and it has been an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. Nothing works properly. Simple styling is horribly complicated. I have read all of the documentation, and simple things like setting a bg image to a page is taking forever. I cant imagine this framework is going to last long. Going to be looking into alternatives. Too bad, because V3 was amazing.

Hey dude, post exact issues here or in stackoverflow. I hear your pain, just went through migration as well. But a lot of issues can be resolved actually. Just takes time. Feel free to ping me on questions you need answered!