[Ionic V4] Ion-Grid Semicolon in shadow-root

I have some strange issue, im porting currently my ionic v3 app to ionic v4.
And after i copied some ion-grid content i’ve observed a strange “;” in my view:

The template HTML is following:

<ion-grid *ngIf="game.team1.team_members.length > 0 && game.team2.team_members.length > 0">
      <ion-col size="6">
        <app-team [team]="game.team1" [deleteable]="game.active && auth.authenticated"></app-team>
      <ion-col size="6">
        <app-team [team]="game.team2" [deleteable]="game.active && auth.authenticated"></app-team>

What i tried alredy was to strip this grid to zero but it was always a semicolon visible in shadow-root and thus in HTML View.

Maybe im missing something or implemented something wrong?
I also deleted the whole node_modules folder and executed npm install again.