(ionic-v3) Preventing ion-menu from closing on click


I’m using intro.js to help users understand the app menu.

Right now, when the menu is opened, I fire the library to guide the user on how to use the menu. However, when that happens, ion-menu is hidden automatically.

Intro.js shows sort of a popup which you can hit next and it will highlight the component you select, showing a brief description of it. But I believe for some reason ion-menu is capturing those click events and hiding itself.

How can I keep the menu opened while presenting the user with this onboarding experience provided by Intro.js?

This is how the menu is declared on the page:
<ion-menu #myMenu (ionOpen)=“menuOpened()” *ngIf=“releaseVersion” type=“overlay” [content]=“myContent”>


In the end I solved this using this CSS:

z-index: 999999999999 !important;

div > ion-header {
z-index: 99999999999 !important;