Ionic-v3 native sqlite selfTest fails windows

Hello, I’m creating a shopping application and for storing all our product, prices data, etc we use sqllite. We’ve been working on this app for 4months, our app is working perfectly on iOS and Android, windows, however, is just hopeless I’ve been trying to get our app to work in windows, most of it works untill we need data from our database, it just won’t do anything.

I’ve tried a blank new app and there it seems to work even on windows, I tried upgrading our ionic 3 app to ionic 4 maybe that would help since it would be a fresh start, after changing a lot of code to get it to work in ionic 4 I managed to get it fully working again … on iOS (didn’t test android) but again nothing on windows this time tho I get nothing more than a blank screen.

So back to ionic 3,

get isCordova(): boolean {

  get isPlatform(): string {
    return this.platform.navigatorPlatform();

return true and Win32 so that’s ok.

this.sqllite.selfTest().then(r => {
      this.selfTest = true;

    this.sqllite.echoTest().then(r => {
      this.echoTest = true;

this.selfTest is false this.echoTest is true :thinking: well gotcha, for some weird reason the selfTest wont work.
I tried removing the windows platform, adding it again, removing all plugins and installing them again but nothing works.